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Subject: United Together for Wright County Area in our United Way Campaign


[Company Name]’s United Way Campaign starts today!

Today we invite you to stand with us, United Together with Wright County Area United Way for the food access, health, education and shelter of all of Wright County.

Help everyone in our community get the chance they deserve.

You might feel like it’s impossible to tackle issues like poverty, hunger, or homelessness, but your United Way gift can join with others to solve those big challenges on a scale no single organization, or individual, can accomplish on their own.

This is your chance to live a life of purpose and compassion. This is your change to lift others up here in Wright County.

What does United Way do? Learn More

Campaign Dates: _______ to _______

How to Give: [link to epledge if applicable] or list here how to get a pledge form from your company. If your company offers a match, mention it here. You can also include information about your campaign goals.

Company’s Campaign
Campaign Theme: add if applicable (Wright County Area United Way Campaign Theme: Give Where You Live)

Add dates for campaign rallies, bake sales, potlucks, raffles, etc. Make sure to mention incentives, such as jean days, early outs, lunches, etc.
1. ________________
2. ________________
3. ________________

You have the power to do good. United Way can amplify your impact.

Together, [Company Name] LIVES UNITED.

Thank you,

[CEO or WIC Signature]