Community Breakfast

Families in Need

Love Inc. Big Woods / Families in Need

  • We provided new beds to 46 clients that had been sleeping on the floor.
  • We did 32 car repairs for clients to get them back to work.
  • 1,210 people were served a free breakfast as part of the Community Meals program.


Excerpts from Thank-you notes we received…

 “Thank-you for providing a twin bed for my son. He sleeps all night in his bed and loves it. He had to show his friends his new bed. We are truly grateful – God Bless!”

“I am so grateful to everyone who was involved in getting me the help I needed to have my truck fixed. The tie rods were ready to break, which could have been life threatening. The mechanic was extremely thorough, and looked over and fixed additional issues, among them the fuel regulator. Now I’ll save money with better mileage. It is such a needed relief to feel safer while driving! May all your good deeds be returned to you!”