School Linked Mental Health

School Linked Mental Health Services

School Linked Mental Health Services for At-Risk Adolescents / Knights Academy

Implementing mental health services in the schools had a dramatic effect for struggling teens.

When looking at the 2014-15 school year compared to the previous school year (2013-2014), there was a 38% decrease in suspensions. In addition, for the past 2 grading terms at Knights Academy, we have seen the highest passing rate in many years.

Not only are lives being improved by addressing the mental health concerns of our students, but their success in school is improving as well.  Mental health concerns get in the way of their ability to function in school and in life.  This program is undeniably having a positive effect on our individual students and our school as a whole.

This personal example shows how the program is making a difference in the lives of many.

One of our most difficult students was suspended on numerous occasions for bullying behavior and other behavioral issues.  We considered dismissing her from school and assisting her family in finding a more suitable education environment, but we knew that having her start all over somewhere would not be in her best interest.  She spent many hours with our school therapist.  This year, this student has had minimal behavioral incidents and will be graduating in June.  She was even a “Student of the Week” once.  The support she received through this School Linked Mental Health grant changed her life and positively affected the entire school climate.  She is now a graduate of the program! The program has been life changing for her and many others!