Work With the Wright County Area United Way

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Board of Director Position


The Board is responsible for the governance of the organization, including setting the strategic direction, developing policies and positions, ensuring the best interests and care of the organization and acting in accordance with the governing documents and laws.



  • Read the articles of incorporation, the bylaws, mission and vision statements and strategic plan to ensure a working knowledge and to ensure compliance with these documents.
  • Attend board and designated committee meetings and participate actively.
  • Arrive prepared to participate in discussions and make decisions by having reviewed the agenda and any supporting materials prior to the meeting.
  • Vote into office the Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary in accordance with the bylaws.
  • Approve the creation of committees and the appointment of committee chairs.
  • Review and adopt positions and policies on issues affecting the organization.
  • Follow parliamentary procedure during meetings.
  • Support the decisions of the Board before staff, the volunteers and the public.
  • Use any special skills or training you may have to further the work of the board and the organization.
  • Accepts assignments on committees and/or task forces.
  • Follow all conflict of interest and confidentiality policies of the organization.
  • Responsibly review and act upon committee recommendations brought to the Board for action.



  • Provide financial support to the organization in a manner that is comfortable.
  • Facilitate or help coordinate a community or corporate campaign within your network.
  • Bring resources of time, talent and tithe willingly.
  • Assist with fundraising efforts.
  • Review financial reports, IRS form 990 and audits.
  • Ensure the hiring of outside auditors.  Hold staff accountable in reporting back on items identified as potential problems.



  • Annually assess the performance of the Board as a whole and your own performance as a Board member.
  • Identify areas of improvement and provide the needed corrections.
  • Every three years assess the performance of the organization through United Way Worldwide.
  • Annually review the strategic plan and objectives and make adjustments as needed.



  • Develop the Executive Director’s job description and hire accordingly (Governance Committee)
  • Ensure there is a succession plan for the Executive Director.
  • Annually conduct a formal review of the performance of the Executive Director and ensure compensation is commensurate with performance (Executive Committee)
  • Review and approve the compensation and benefit package for all staff, ensuring external competitiveness and internal equity (Executive Committee)
  • Regularly review employment policies and practices (Governance Committee)



  • Participate in the recruitment and selection of new Board members.
  • Identify and cultivate new leaders on the Board.
  • Participate in leadership opportunities.
  • Inform others about the organization.
  • Network within one’s circles to represent the Wright County Area United Way.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS: (must commit to 75%, or 5 of the 7 meetings)

  • February : Noon-1:00 pm, place TBD
  • March : Noon-1:00 pm, place TBD
  • April : Noon-1:00 pm, place TBD
  • April : 3 Two Hour Sessions between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Grant Applicants Presentations and Panel Review, place TBD
  • May : Allocation Meeting, 8:00 am-12:00 noon, place TBD
  • August : Noon-1:00 pm, place TBD
  • November : Noon-1:00 pm, place TBD



  • 4 will be scheduled at 2-4 hours each, must commit to 50%, or 2 of 4



  • Run a worksite WCAUW campaign, or one through civic groups, professional networks, social groups, etc.



Four committee’s will be formed that will meet up to four times per year for 1 hour.

  • Allocation Committee — 4 members that will help organize the allocation process, assess grant applications, and will recruit and organize local donors to review grant applications.
  • Finance Committee —Treasurer/Secretary, Executive Director, Administrative/Finance Coordinator, and one board member
  • Governance and Nomination Committee — Chair, Executive Director, two board members
  • Executive Committee — Members: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer/Secretary, and Past Chair
    • Seeking a Treasurer/Secretary


Interested candidates should email