Campaign Materials

Below are tools to help run a successful workplace campaign. If you cannot find something you need, be sure to reach out to our staff Printed materials are also available through the United Way (763-688-1919)

Your Guide to a Successful United Way Campaign

Workplace Campaign Ideas


  • Bring together donors to make an impact on many issues with just one donation
  • Invests in proven solutions and supports innovative ideas
  • Cost effective and efficient


  • Payroll deduction is the easiest way for employees to donate
  • Fun incentives for employee competition
  • Employees have the opportunity to make a significant difference in their community
  • Builds pride within the company and recognition in the community


  • Jeans/Casual Day, Silent Auctions, Pizza Lunches…
  • Builds employee morale and fosters team spirit
  • Cultivates leaders through employee opportunities
  • Connects community & employees

Employee Coordinator Responsibilities

To plan, organize, and coordinate a successful United Way campaign at your company or organization:

  • Make your company campaign FUN!
  • Recruit and coordinate a team of volunteers to assist you
  • Coordinate you company or organization’s kick off and special events
  • Coordinate the distribution of campaign materials to co-workers
  • Make your pledge
  • Promote payroll deduction
  • Promote campaign throughout the company
  • Report progress to employees and management often
  • Collect all pledge cards, even if co-worker does not want to participate
  • Thank your donors and volunteers
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for the future. Be sure to keep all your materials in a file for next year!



  • Make a gift yourself. It is easier to ask others to give when you are giving.
  • Conduct an employee kickoff celebration.
  • Employee Meetings.
  • Make sure every employee is asked to give. Don’t forget employees who work off-site or other shifts.


  • Examine past giving statistics and trends
  • Work with management to support goal.
  • Set dates for campaign. Campaign dates vary depending on the size of the company. Campaigns generally run 1 – 3 weeks.


  • The enthusiasm of management is contagious. Ask them to be personally involved in some way.
  • Recruit a representative from each department to be part of the committee.


  • Use United Way brochures or materials to build awareness of the campaign.
  • Promote & publicize your campaign in newsletters, emails, or other in house communication tools.
  • Increase employee awareness by creating competition between departments and/or using various events.


  • Hold drawing at the end of each day/week for all who turned in their pledge card.
  • Give everyone who turns in pledge card a ticket. Draw tickets for incentive prizes.
  • Give employees extra time off for increasing pledge by amount (xx%).
  • Hold leadership giving campaign.
  • Other incentive ideas: casual day, time off work, reserved parking, “sleep in” passes, extra ½ hour for lunch

Advantages of Payroll Deduction

  • It is the easiest method available to help meet the needs in our area. People often find it easier to contribute a small amount each pay period than to contribute the same sum of money all at once.
  • Eliminates the annoyance of multiple drives throughout the year by grouping many worthwhile agency appeals and services in to one annual pledge.
  • Increases employee moral by creating a feel of teamwork between employers and employees.
  • Provides for automatic cut-off of deduction when paycheck is not received.

Top 10 Reasons to Give to the United Way

10. Because your gift is 100% tax deducible

9.   Because you will be in good company

8.   Because we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give

7.   Because you can make a difference

6.   Because it is easy and convenient

5.   Because a strong community is a good place to live and work

4.   Because your gift supports those in most in need

3.   Because your gift stays local

2.   Because with your help anything is possible

1.   Because the Wright County Area United Way is changing lives!